How to Play Sona


League of legends Sona Guide- introduction:

Sona is a supporter, which means who like holt kills and damage out wants to cut properly, which has different clicks.

What should i do with Sona as a supporter?

As a supporter, Sona is there to support your team, so pretty much exclusively for it. Don’t aware of this.

How do I support my team?

Wards! Again and again I see supporter like Sona to buy few or no wards because most gold will convert itself into wards, it is unlikely that you are not getting one wearing around with you.

Now to Sona as support. Sona can heal! Means: easier laning phase for your carry (you play Sona with a carry on the lane, I hope.)

The heal of Sona is quite manaintensiv at the beginning and you should it therefore not spamming. If the opponents are very passive then you may quietly wait for the regeneration of life and need to not heal, if but an attack is imminent, then the carry should be full-life if possible.

To the whole, Sona has still ne nice aura around your carry a bit more resilient make. In the Teamfight you press simply “W” when the cooldown has expired again, that is not so hard ^ ^

Sona’s “q”: A damage spell, right. But, Sona is not as mentioned as to make claims, but to support, so what’s interesting about this ability is the aura (and the effect of passive during the laning phase). Sona plays the hymn of Valor which nearby Allied champions 8/11/14/17/20 receive additional damage and ability power. You may think that this aura not to passive play is, so every time you launch an attack or in the middle are, this ability “keep cool down” (you always enable if possible).

The “W”: An escape or tracking spell. Very nice. If someone flees, or if you fliehst with sona, insert. With Sona BB´s passive a nice bonus for persecution.

The Ulti: A mass stun. Very nice, well with Sona she can decide a Teamfight. To make possible many experiments with Sona (is excellent also to surprise, because you can see what in the gewardeten Bush ambushes, opponents stand on a pile and you have enough time). The Ulti is fighting to initiate, after the tank has gone in, you use the Ulti with sona, and so your team can make neat damage without opposition.

And, last but not least, the passive. After three auras, an extra effect on a car hit. Quite nice with “Q” to put the opponent under pressure a little at the beginning. Quite nice with “W” to weaken the damage of the generic carry before an attack. With “E” quite nicely to the track.


I have no own Runenbuild only for supporter / sona, but quite good is the following:
Gold/sec. Essences.
Red: Ap
Yellow: ManaReg
Blue: magic resistance.


on the lane, it is best with fairy charm, 2 health 1 Mana Potion and 2 wards.
Once enough money together is bring the philosopher’s stone.
1er shoes
Heart of gold or KAGes lucky pick
2 shoes (mercury or Ionia)
Heart of gold or KAGes lucky pick (which the man step 4 not bought it has)
Tear of the Goddess (much Mana, because you often use skills)
WARDS!(Always repeat step 8 and 9 if not enough gold to buy the other one, or must be just gewarded.)
This is more or less the Endbuild, if the game should last longer you can upgrade the items.
Optionally install a protection of the Legion, if it feels too fast to fall over.