How to Play  Olaf

OlafIn this League of legends guide we want closer look at OLAF. So I’ll show you in the next few paragraphs, what you all can do with an OLAF.

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Essences: attack damage
Character: armor penetration
Seal: Armor
Glyphs: magic resistance

The attack damage facilitates you the farms and strengthens your Earlygame. The armor penetration increases your damage against enemy champions. armor helps you longer on the lane to remain as the most Toplaner cause physical damage. Magic resistance ensures that you will not simply killed in early group matches of the AoE of AP MidCarrys.

Summoner spells:

Spirit and ignite or exhausting

Olaf Summoner Spells

Ghost in the Laningphase Ganks to escape or to kill your opponent. Later used her mind to stay tuned in the battles on the focus objectives. Ignite or exhausting look her best, against what you need to play on the lane, and what your team already has of Summoner spells.


Olaf Masteries

At the Masteries, there are no surprises, but there are typical defensive Bruiser Championships aiming to withstand much and to damage at the same time.

Game Phases:

Early Game:

Farmt Toplane and harasst your opponent whenever you can with the E-spell. If your opponent has little life, so you can try to kill him. At level 6 you should escape well from Ganks, if you use Ulti and ghost. Pushed your lane with the Q-spell and tries some monsters to kill in the enemy jungle, this gets you a gold and experience advantage and take away the monsters the dreyse Jungler. But beware, this is not entirely risk-free.


Tried your items at least until the Atmas erfarmt to have so that it represents a serious threat. Goes into the fight with Ghost and Ulti to enemy carries los and take them out of the fight. Should be team unable to fight because the opponent team is just stronger, as you can with OLAF well Splitpushen, because you quickly can Creepwellen farms with the Q-spell and generally escapes the opponent with Ulti plus spirit, if you try to ganking.

Late Game:

OLAF is a strong Late game champion, at least if you have good gefarmed. You have to be nearly indestructible, high damage with the whole life, Atmas, and the W-spell is too. Thanks to the Ulti you are passing through simply by the enemy, without which they can do against you. Runs in the clash directly on the enemy RangeCarry to and destroyed him. But your Ulti care, as soon as it runs out you think less of a lot and again stunbar.