How to Play Lucian

lucian guide

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Regularly developer of riot games in League of legends new champions introduces, most recently the ice witch Lissandra which went online a few days ago. A recently unearthed artwork is now the rumor mill are properly seething. The next new champion in the game is “Lucian, the Gun Templar”?

For the last three new champions, riot games prior to the official unveiling and the release on the test server of the game released first several diary entries that anteaserten the new warriors. For the next new champion, yet no such notes were published by official still seethes with the rumor mill!

A geleaktes artwork of the round, which shows the “gun Templar”, who seems to be the next new champion made today in the official forum. Wear this is apparently the name of Lucian, this does not however appear in the said graphic.

Initially, because there is a leak, the rumors should be enjoyed with caution. Should but actually become the next new LoL champion “Lucian, The Gun Templar”, will publish riot games certainly soon more information.

Riot games has officially unveiled the previous night the next new champion of League of Legends: soon the Purifer, Lucian, the fields will make insecure! Is the name Lucian strangely familiar friends? That may be true, because an artwork of the Champions was geleakt beginning of May.

At that time, Lucian was still titled “The Gun Templar”. As Assistant champion designer ZenonTheStoic, who is largely responsible for the new champion, said, it was however only the working title. Final, the champion will be published as “Lucian, The Purifier”.

Zenon further admitted that the team have no idea how the leak may happen could. Important to bear in mind was that the concept has again somewhat changed since the said drawing. At the time aroused expectations were no longer up-to-date.

But what does now offer Lucian? Ymir has already betrayed that he probably will be played as ADC (attack damage carry) and will have no CC (crowd control, mass control) skills in his repertoire.