How to Play Darius


The reputation Darius to be OP, officially everything in the game is equally strong and balanced of course, but in some situations, Darius is already very strong. So that you recognize these situations and can take advantage of, I want to introduce you in the following Darius.

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Essences: Life on level 1
Character: attack damage
Seal: Armor
Glyphs: magic resistance per level

Life in the essences grade makes you harder to kill in the early and allows you to play this more aggressively. This aggressive adds then attack damage and armor, since you ler ´ will play at the laning on the Toplane mainly against other AD. Magic resistance per level, because they give you more resistance if you ´ valleys meet the enemy AP.

Spirit and ignite

darius summoner spells

You need the spirit to stay tuned to an opponent. Manages to remain her grade during the Lanings to your opponents off and stacking your passive, so you can usually kill your opponent. Ignite gives you a little extra damage, so that opponents who away Flash before you die often still in the ignition and your liabilities.


darius masteries

Here there are two possibilities, an offensive and a defensive. I will make you the introduction of offensive, because I’ve had better experiences it. No other tank you should be on your team and you have to first in the opponent purely, so can her also-9-21-0 skill.

Otherwise normal offensive AD Championships, you can kill your enemies faster than they can kill you.

Game Phases:

Early Game:

With Darius, you must play initially very aggressively, so that you can dominate your opponent. There are a few Toplaner that can initially take it up with a Darius. You should begin at the latest with level 3 regularly with your Q-spell to damage your opponent. But beware, you pushed is likely your lane, because you caught with the minions. Thus, you become prone to Ganks by the opposing Jungler. Because you have no way of escape and prepares your opponents a hard time, the jungle is probably more often times look at you. Ensures you ward off that’s why best against a gank with a.


The early and midgame is usually yours therefore tries to earn you a great advantage. Your Toplaner will turn off as many times as you can, trying if it offered the middle to ganking and don’t forget that farms. Of course, you should try to make the farms the opposing Toplaner as hard as possible if by it constantly puts him under pressure even though you can not kill him. With your Sun Fire Cape, you are already extremely difficult to kill, so you can take the one or the other Towerdive also quietly. Does this but only if you are sure, the enemy jungle is not just around the corner. Otherwise buys the one or the other Dragon for your team by you pushed and the Dragon run your lane.

Late Game:

Looks like your Late Game always depends on how well you have beaten you before. When it ran reasonably well, ye now darn tough, so that you can open battles without fear. Attempts to surprise your opponents by her coming from the side. So you get the easiest way ran on the carries. Speak such maneuvers with your team so that they then attack with you. If you come from behind or from the side, grab one of the two carries and edited it with your Q and your W. Should the opponent then use Flash or similar spells to get away from you, so can you ran pulling e back to you. Spirit allows you that stay tuned until the opponent has so little life, that you can put it with your Ulti.

Should be your no real tank because the items missing you, so let others open up the fight and initially hold back. If you can see the opponents have used many skills and have slowly less life, so goes into battle and kills an opponent after the next with your Ulti. Thus, you’ll get lots of gold, of course so that even good clean up you can get already back in the game.