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League of Legends Beginners guide – Play League of Legends Like a Pro

Best League of Legends Tips and Strategies

league of legends tips

If you want to become a better player and improve your gameplay you should get this amazing League of Legends Guide here. If you remember from my early videos i was a big noob and was struggling to get out of the lower brackets, i knew nothing about strategies and builds and i was very bad at controlling my champion and understanding the game as a whole.

This League of Legends Guide is all you need to become a better player

Things have changed drastically and now im one of the known top players, not a pro because i don’t have much time to play due to work and studies but im a top player on the ladder. Its not really a secret how i became the player im today, dedication and hard work are what makes the difference between the good players and the top players but sometimes thats not enough and you stop improving and it can make you feel lost and become distressed with the game. To help you get that final boost and become a top rated player you must get help from better players that have more game experience, you can easily do this by getting a reliable league of legends guide. There are some lol guides currently in the market depending of what you are looking for.

If you want a more complete and overall more structured guide you should chose “LoL Secrets Guide” created by top rated players, its pretty cheap and you can be 100% sure that it will help you improve your skills.

league of legends guide for noobs

What you can expect if you become a member:

- Instructional League of Legends Videos
- LoL Video lessons with High Quality
- Videos with professional instructors commentary and analysis.
- You will be learning from the best players in the World!
- More High quality content updated constantly
- Learn the best strategies for both 3v3 and 5v5 solo and premade modes.
- Learn to dominate your favorite champion with ease

Start improving today and get this lol guide here.

Warlords of Draenor Leveling

Powerful leveling guide for Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor Leveling

Finally the new World of Warcraft expansion “Warlords of Draenor” is here and we want to share with you the best Leveling Guides that you can find online.

The WoW fans among you should have noticed, that you can build your own fortress in the upcoming expansion warlords of Draenor. Our editorial beta boy Angristoni is the test for you and tried, which is so far with the garrison at – read in his diary what he experienced.

In WoW: Warlords of Draenor memories of the strategy games of the Warcraft universe are awake, because you can build an own fortress with your hero. In beta, you can try out the new feature in the broad. During our own efforts to stomp a garrison out of the ground, we ran a magnificent Taurenbullen way, whom we have just adopted here in away for our editorial staff.

Angristoni means the cloths educated hero who immediately agreed, for us to keep a diary. In his first adventure report he told already, what torment he had to go through, to build a fortress in the inhospitable Frost fire Ridge. In its new report – you may hardly believe it – he his garrison expands Finally, olle junk boy!
You will return to WoW just after a long break, have Pandaria largely ignored mists or have played though, you never the call farm inspire can? Then we have a tip for you: get the azure Wasserschreiter for warlords of Draenor. The mount makes this quest life always easier when it comes to the hatred of enemies of many players: the water.

Many WoW players know this: no matter whether at the levels at the tear off daily quests or the farms of various RAR mobs in the timeless Island – water sucks, and although quite huge! Who plays not just shaman or death Knight, thanks to various class skills make the Jesus and just walk away through the cool water, water is the even more annoying. Even if one quest in one only a thin trickle to cross, where you lose the ground under your feet for two meters, the whole adventure already on the laces is one. Now, one could argue: “but… we do top fly!” True, most of the time anyway.

Leveling like a total pro with this expert Leveling Guide!

Soon Draenor, flying is not an alternative, even after reaching the maximum level of 100, at least until patch 6.1, if not even up to the end of WoD. Glide over the water so is not in there, how about’s top instead with ride? Of course, a few narrow rivers or lakes in quest areas are no end of the world. However, we had the choice, just across ride, then we would do it. And we have the choice! Many of you will know the beast, we now present you, certainly, some may even possess. As currently but also again many returnees in Azeroth gather, we want to highlight it again: the azure Wasserschreiter.

This mount you can buy not only a living legend, and at master angler NAT Pagle in MoP but also the quartermaster of the group, the angler is (located southeast of the coast of the Krasarangwildnis). To acquire the Wasserschreiter, but it needs an awesome reputation for fishing… and at this point most players roll already the eyes, without knowing what incredibly practical reitbarer base them so that the cloth goes through!

Earning reputation points alone is the most even against the grain; understandable after the daily quest massacre in MoP. But still the secondary activity is fishing in the game, which flush on a voltage scale somewhere between photosynthesis and tableware is located, waving off the last potential targets. But one worth is really manageable expenses and hey: currently nothing anyway to do, right? So how to get to anglers call?

Daily quests

There are many ways to get to fishing reputation – of course daily quests are the most obvious. There are “officially” but only three were, and you are done in ten minutes. The offer fails every day something different here; some of the tasks can be like any other daily quest also: go there, that go around, bring that back. Others require the ejection of the fishing rod. You must have learned so at least the secondary activity (goes directly from NAT Pagle), is the fishing skill in itself but rather incidental, even if your skill affects quite, is how fast the items for a quest out of the water. We have a special quest (“shocking!”) both with skill also 23 600 has tried and folded it in both cases, the latter however much slower. A positive side effect: when her quest for a throw from the fishing rod, you increase your skill by the way.

League of Legends Tips

How to Get Better at League of Legends Using Three Easy Principles

League of Legends Tips

So you want to get better at the extremely popular and free game we know as league of legends? Here are some tips on how to do exactly that, and these tips can be applied to most online games with constantly evolving strategies. Here is a short three idea guide on how to play better at league of legends. If you wan’t to learn with the pros you can always get a League of Legends PRO Guide and become a great player.

  • 1. Know your enemy

This is a hard concept for many people to actually grasp on to but it is a simple philosophy any none-professional gamer really should adhere to. Don’t play characters that have a shitty time dealing with people who do a less than ideal strategy. Here are some prime examples of what I’m talking about.

-You play ezreal (a skill shot based champion) so you lead your opponent or shoot behind him because you know a good player will dodge a direct shot

-Your opponent is bad so he doesn’t try to dodge your shot at all so you just end up missing

This will happen to you countless times and it will drive you insane, play characters that work against people who don’t use ideal play, such as ryze.

  • 2. Don’t be a hero

Many times you will think “I can definitely get this kill, and I have a tiny chance of getting it and surviving, so I’m going to go for it!” WRONG. If you consistently trade deaths with people you will start undervaluing a death in a game, play the game logically and don’t die unless you know it is always going to play in your teams favor, not just yours.

Also you don’t want to try to attempt maneuvers you aren’t confident in doing yet, I know it is very boring to play it safe all the time, but really, deaths will inhibit your learning process and your performance in the moment.

  • 3. Don’t talk trash

I’m sure you’ve died while typing before as everyone has, this really bites and is a great reason to start calling your opponents a bunch of ‘autistic monkeys’, even though it’s fun it’s in poor taste, may get you banned, and in general no one wants to play with a troll or a rager. You also don’t want to destroy a chance of playing with an enemy team member in the future; playing with people who you beat or have beaten you can be a great way to improve as you can discuss who did what wrong.

I hope this fast read will help you improve your play, the metagame may always be changing in this game, but the fundamentals for improvement will not, have fun in your lane and play it safe, don’t rage, and most importantly have fun.

PS. Never surrender in ranked as you always have a chance, don’t be one of those people who just quits over something as trivial as a first blood, its only 400 gold anyways! Goodbye and good luck online and stay far away from three versus three please!

The League of Legends Tribunal Sucks

The Problem with League of Legends’ Tribunal

League of Legends Tribunal Sucks

The Tribunal in League of Legends is a section on their website that allows players of the game to login and view incidents in which other players have been reported. Called a “case,” players then can pass judgment whether to punish or pardon based on what evidence is presented before them. In theory it sounds like it would be a good system of jurisprudence for a game as huge as League of Legends but in practice it is highly flawed and has made it so you must walk on egg shells while playing the game online.

As a disclaimer I will say that I have not been personally banned, suspended, or anything of that nature so this is not an article induced by rage. As someone with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice who is also professionally certified in security administration, the many shortcomings in the current system feel incredibly obvious to me. Listed below are several problems with the current tribunal:

Not enough time is spent reviewing each case.

Reducing the timer on the tribunal was one of the biggest mistakes Riot has made. Now a tribunal member must wait for a measly 20 second countdown timer to expire before punishing or pardoning. 20 seconds? Really? Imagine if a judge spent 20 seconds on a case in court before sending you to prison for life. That would never fly in real life, so why does it here? The timer should not be 20 seconds, it should be 20 minutes! Okay maybe not that long, but the timer needs to be increased based on how much stuff is presented in the case.

Suggested Fix: Multiple incidents should increase the minimum amount of time required to spend reviewing a case. How long the game chat is should increase the minimum amount of time required to review. How can someone read three games full of chat in 20 seconds? In many cases, they can’t which leads to people simply clicking punish out of laziness. On the other hand, some cases immediately seem pretty cut and dry but that brings us to the next problem.

Lack of evidence

Most of the time there is not enough evidence gathered in order to make a case. The case file has three sections: the reports filed by players and their comments (which are usually blank), the game chat dialogue, and the scoreboard which shows only the reported player and his/her teammates but not the enemy team. This is not enough information

Suggested Fix: The game video needs to be saved and reviewed in many cases. For example, what if someone refuses to play and is standing at the fountain so you report him as “afk.” It would be impossible to validate this report if that person is still talking in game chat and if that person has a reasonable number of deaths to imply he had played all game. You could never tell if he actually was idle or not without video proof.

A case file also needs to include pre-game and post-game lobby chat as that is currently not recorded and could be a crucial deciding factor in the outcome of a case.

Player highlighting leads to simple-minded decisions

The player who was reported is highlighted in the chat and on the scoreboard to make it easier for the tribunal to distinguish what he said and did from other people in the game. It should NOT be easier because a tribunal member should be reviewing the entire game, not just looking at a single person’s behavior. Imagine for a moment that someone has harassed you all game insulting you and cussing at you. Finally you tell him to “shut the F up” (but use the actual word). He then reports you for offensive language as part of his troll.

Since only your dialogue is highlighted in bright purple, lazy tribunal members will scroll until they see it, read just that, see that you cussed, and click punish. Never mind what this other guy did. You’re in the wrong here.

The most common argument in defense of this is that “I don’t care what other people did, I’m only looking at your behavior.” This is akin to saying “I don’t care that this man broke into your house and murdered your wife, I’m only looking at the fact you retaliated and stabbed him to death. Life in prison for murder.” That wouldn’t happen in real life, so why should it here? The concept of self defense exists for a reason.

Suggested Fix: Make it more difficult to distinguish between who was reported and who wasn’t. Remove the player highlighting and make all the players the same color. Another idea would be to make a case two pages where a tribunal participant is shown the incidents in question but initially has no knowledge of who got reported. After carefully reviewing all of the evidence, they move on to the next page in which the player who was reported is revealed to them, and they decide whether to punish or pardon, but the evidence from the previous page no longer shows up. This would force them to spend more time reviewing and memorizing the entirety of the incident without bias.

Stupid rules / reporting options

In fact, why is cussing a reportable offense anyway? Was this game made solely for little kids? Sure there are probably kids on the game but if a player is too young to read a few cuss words then perhaps they should not be playing an online game over the internet. The tribunal should not act in place of a child’s parents.

While on the subject, why is “unskilled” a reportable offense? I once saw someone who got banned for a week because he built AD as Orianna. He went 4/5 but his teammates reported him as “unskilled” because he played an unorthodox style of Orianna and they lost. Such ridiculous reports should never even make it to the tribunal let alone result in the tribunal collectively agreeing to punish. This is proof positive that people just click punish based on their own emotions and not actual factual evidence. It is also proof that the majority of people who use the tribunal should not be allowed to.

Suggested Fix: Remove the offensive language and unskilled options as reportable. The only things that should be punishable are things that someone intentionally does which affect the outcome of the game such as quitting, feeding, continual verbal harassment, assisting the enemy team, etc. You get the idea.

There is a profanity filter for a reason. If someone doesn’t want to read it, they can leave it on. Maybe there could be an option to customize the filter to star out additional words not currently caught by it.

No credentials required

The only requirements necessary for someone to participate in the tribunal is that they are level 20 and aren’t banned. Really? That’s it? That allows way too many people who have no business passing judgment on other players to participate in the tribunal because it boosts their ego and makes them feel powerful. Should a little kid that doesn’t even have common sense be allowed to get me suspended?

Suggested Fix: It needs to be harder to participate in the tribunal. Maybe there should be some sort of quiz or something which tests ones knowledge of the Summoner’s Code. Maybe there should be an application process to become a tribunal participant which must be approved by an employee at Riot. Or at least increase the level cap to 30!

P rewards

Players are rewarded with small amounts of IP if their decisions are agreed with by other members of the tribunal. Why? The incentive for people to participate in the tribunal should be to better the game and get rid of troublemakers, not for their own benefit. What is stopping someone from going into tribunal, clicking punish repeatedly, and then reaping the benefits when 10% of their decisions are agreed with?

Suggested Fix: Perhaps there should be some sort of threshold, maybe 50% or even higher, which if you fall below you get punished yourself. This would force people to be far more careful about their decisions and think twice before they press the punish button.

League of Legends Guide for Beginner’s

League of legends – Complete Strategy Guide for Noobs

Hi and welcome to our humble website about the best league of legend guides available for beginner’s and more advanced players. If you wan’t to learn from the very best players you should check this amazing LEAGUE OF LEGENDS GUIDE created by some of the strongest players that ever graced this fantastic game we all love. The MOBA genre has to contend with a serious prejudice: one dough er unfriendliness. Despite a tough start and a redefreudigen community we show an example of League of legends, what you should consider when starting. Starting with the champions about runes and a small dictionary.

Lol, noob, l2p”,”me mid or feed”,” take a bruiser and go top “,”? “& % * “- The list of unexplained words League of legend is long, as well as the insults which assume some violent proportions.” As a beginner, it is quickly quenched and has mostly not yet internalized the complete gameplay. It offers League of legends or MOBA games in general offer a fun vein and can wake up the competitive sense for interested players. But firstonce it is through the vast forest, champions, runes, Championships, items and sharing, to look through.

The currencies

riot points

Before we get to the playful aspects, we first want to enter on the two currencies of League of legends because they are often mentioned in the other article. On the one hand there are the so-called influence points (Influence Points, “IP”), which earned her by playing matches. You win a dispute, hailing more points of course, you lose there is accordingly less reward. Every day there is the bonus of “Victory of the day”, which you will receive 150 bonus influence points with your first victory during the day. For influence points you’ll receive champions or runes.

The riot (riot-points, “RP”) points are the second currency. This is available only for real money. The prices range from 4.00 euros (for 250 RP) up to 50 euro (for 9300 RP). For this you can buy also champions, and you will receive cosmetic skins or corresponding boosts that more influence points or experience points for a certain period of time (only for your Summoner profile, not in the actual matches). Runes can not afford it.



Riots success Baray offers more than 100 heroes now and there is no end nowhere near in sight. How should a newbie doing an overview, may now ask one or the other. For this there is a simple answer: don’t. At the beginning of you not to be interested in the maximum number of champions, instead you concentrate on the weekly-changing free champions. This rotation always consists of ten champions with different advantages and disadvantages and covers mostly all applications. This once you get to know the different champions, can give them a try and discovered your first favorite this with high probability.

Once you you have attached in a champion and have the necessary influence points, to unlock this translates into reality this plan. Henceforth, you should play him more often, get to know its peculiarities, and for you almost “perfect it”. This is yet another side effect, because you receive information about other champions in the course of time, when you meet them on the field of battle.

Masteries and Runes

masteries and runes

Around the actual fighting riot has built an extensive yet, which is in contrast to other representatives not only from statistics. Instead it is completely their own level system consisting of 30 levels, which is relevant for the Championships and runes. For each match that their game you gain experience points according to your Summoner profile and thus gradually rises in the level.

The Championships can be compared well with online role-playing games talent trees. With each level up, you can put a point in offensive, defensive, or support. Thus, it directly influences your champion during a match, because you can give more attack damage, more life or things like him this. Maximum you can distribute 30 points, however you have not just a spec. Up to 20 Championship distributions can save you and set before each match, which want to use them.

The runes are once again a further specification and are divided into four categories: signs, seals, glyphs, and Quintessences. The first three, you can use each nine pieces per Rune page from the larger Quintessences of maximum three. This results in 30 runes per page, giving also special bonuses. All runes must be purchased for influence points, but can be used on many different Rune pages which you have two pieces (more can buy up influence points). But don’t worry, up to the Summoner level 20 you don’t have to worry you. The tier 1 and tier 2 runes, which are there for low level players, can you actually safely be ignored. However, it would be quite senseless spending your hard-earned influence points, you have though correspondingly high bonuses. This saves 3 runes, which you can buy it at level 20 and lose none of their power with level 30 rather for any champions or animal.

Finally, also the Summoner spell be mentioned. These are skills that can unlock it with your Summoner profile and use it during a match. This includes about a teleport spell or ability to ignite the opponent to cause little additional damage. Each two of the maximum thirteen Summoner spells can take her in a match. Once you have reached the Summoner level 12, all spells are unlocked.

reaper of souls crusader

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide

Learn how to Master the Game with the New complete Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Strategy Guide

reaper of souls crusader

Expansion of “Diablo III”, “Reaper of Souls” dominates this week’s releases

The first expansion of “Diablo III”, titled “Reaper of Souls” arrives to computers to close the March releases-and promote the return of many die-hard players to addictive ROLE PLAYING GAME from Blizzard Entertainment. Learn all the new builds and strategies with the advanced guide for Diablo 3: Reaper of souls, you can find it at the official website here.

“Reaper of Souls” culminates a series of improvements to “Diablo III” received in recent months, as the new systems of ‘ loot ‘ and difficulty, increased maximum level and the end of the auction house. The expansion also brings a new class, the Crusader, a new Act for the campaign and new arrangements that promise to extend the life of the game.

The expansion is dubbed and subtitled in Portuguese, and it is worth remembering, to play you need to own a copy of “Diablo III” original.

Independent crop

Two prominent independent games arrive this week: the award-winning “Made”, available now for Xbox 360, landing in the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and portable PS Vita.

Another good news is “Pier Solar HD, RPG created originally for the Sega Mega Drive (full 2010) that received a high-definition version for various platforms. Funded through Kickstarter, the new edition of “Pier Solar” leaves in digital format for PC, PS3, PS4 and Wii U.

“Diablo III” came to the world in March 2012, dividing opinions by proposing significant changes in established series mechanical. Even though many have sniffed to the auction house or the excess of game action, more than 5 million users went through the murky world of sanctuary since then.

Now, just over two years later, the game receives its first expansion, “Reapers of Souls”. The expansion culminates a process of adaptations, revisions and updates deployed since the release of “Diablo III” for PC and Mac.

“Reaper of Souls” brings a fifth chapter to the campaign of “Diablo III”, a new character class, new powers for the old classes and new game modes.

Crusade against evil

The fifth chapter of “Diablo III”, presented in “Reaper of Souls”, takes players to Westmarch, a city that until then was only mentioned in the series. The metropolis with ares Goths is the heart of the Western side of Sanctuary, the same way that Caldeum is the principal city of the East.

In Westmarch adventurers are going to deal with the threat of Malthael, the ‘ Reaper of souls ‘ of the title. The adventure will traverse other areas beyond the city’s streets, ending at the Pandemonium, scene of the final battle. This demonic area has appeared in “Diablo II”, but has been expanded in “Reaper of Souls”. According to Blizzard, is the battleground where angels and demons come fighting the millennia.

You can play with the five heroes of “Diablo III” (Barbarian, Barbaric, Demon Hunter, sorcerer and Monk) or with the newcomer.

hearthstone arena guide for noobs

HearthStone Arena Guide

Ready to dominate the arena ? Check the new Hearthstone Arena Strategy Guide

I was mocked Blizzard when the studio announced in March the free-to-play HearthStone, a deck of cards to simple (a priori) mechanical and design karani. Before my addiction to the game and my ring Size XXL, is worldwide which is now mocking me.

hearthstone arena guide for noobs

After receiving my beta key, and after playing 3 or 4 parts, I immediately recited in full open space that HearthStone was a sous-Magic (let us understand, nothing happens to the ankle of Magic). The quality of the illustrations of the Blizzard game cards was far from that of the game of Wizards of the Coast, the bestiary at base of Knights and other dragons has been viewed 1000 times, and mechanical seemed too basic to make the game interesting on the duration. Take the management of resources for example. Unlike Magic, you don’t have to worry about to land or focus you on colors of mana. Here, you have simply a Crystal extra at every turn, “and then it’s all” as said Philippe Lucas.

Mastering The Hearthstone Arena

Okay, I quickly revised my opinion. Apart from the design with which I still struggled, HearthStone surprised party after party. In reality, it complies with this expensive adage in American society: “easy to learn but difficult to master. When you’ve played Magic, you will not need more than 4 or 5 parts to understand the bulk of the game: you play as a character (paladin, priest, mage, etc. 9 classes available in all) who has 30 points of life (more a fate that it is clean). Besides that, you have a deck of 30 cards consisting of spells and creatures (who attack X, X in defence). Many creatures. HearthStone is much more ‘aggro’ as a Magic. There are of course plenty of possible synergies between the cards, but it has not seemed possible to construct a true deck combo (not tutors, less picks). Say that it looks more like the T2 to Vintage; Here, we gain to shots of beasts. Last point: you start the game with 3 (or 4) cards, then draw a card in turn. So much for the basics. If you wanna learn how to play and get easy wins in the arena, check the new Arena guide and become a Hearthstone Pro.

Original Concept

hearthstone strategies

The originality of the title (from a Magic-like) lies in three mechanical: 1) the attacker chooses the targets (creatures or enemy champion) that it will attack. Type the opposing champion directly? Unless the Defender has a creature that has the ability to “provoke”, it is possible (each creature has capabilities: provocation, Celerity, auras, shields, etc.). Of course, this implies that next round, this same opponent will have free rein to tap your creatures or your champion. (2) It played during his tour. It also changes the way to approach things (and it frustrates some also when one takes full figure without being able to respond). (3) The injured creatures do not recover their points of defence at the end of the round. If you paste 2 points of damage to a creature that has 3 in defence, it will remain at 1. These three crucial points, it shows an oiled mechanics, where one learns, defeat after defeat, feel when one must attack the enemy creatures or when can the enemy champion rusher.

Current Beta Modes

hearthstone beta

Currently in beta, the game features three modes of play: training mode, where you can unlock the base for each class maps; a PvP mode in one on one on matchmaking (not happy); and an arena mode where it comes, after having drafted its package (a draft simplified), to try to win 10 games before losing 3 in PvP still. More you play, the more you earn, you earn Gold. Gold can buy new packages to enrich its collection (and its decks, that can build from A to Z) and participate in the arenas, precisely. Okay, it warns you, it takes much grinder to get the correct cards, and arenas are expensive! The most impatient can pay real cash to buy packages and participate in the Bullring.

So much for this first overview. If HearthStone will not replace the Magic sessions at the bistro on Saturday afternoon with Mathieu, Julien, Clement, Geoffroy / insert the name of your friends, the title of Blizzard is one of the games of cards the better thought out and more addictive that it has been seen lately. Besides me, I return would like.


How to Play Lucian

lucian guide

If you want to play this Champion like a pro check the new and improved league of legends guide here.

Regularly developer of riot games in League of legends new champions introduces, most recently the ice witch Lissandra which went online a few days ago. A recently unearthed artwork is now the rumor mill are properly seething. The next new champion in the game is “Lucian, the Gun Templar”?

For the last three new champions, riot games prior to the official unveiling and the release on the test server of the game released first several diary entries that anteaserten the new warriors. For the next new champion, yet no such notes were published by official still seethes with the rumor mill!

A geleaktes artwork of the round, which shows the “gun Templar”, who seems to be the next new champion made today in the official forum. Wear this is apparently the name of Lucian, this does not however appear in the said graphic.

Initially, because there is a leak, the rumors should be enjoyed with caution. Should but actually become the next new LoL champion “Lucian, The Gun Templar”, will publish riot games certainly soon more information.

Riot games has officially unveiled the previous night the next new champion of League of Legends: soon the Purifer, Lucian, the fields will make insecure! Is the name Lucian strangely familiar friends? That may be true, because an artwork of the Champions was geleakt beginning of May.

At that time, Lucian was still titled “The Gun Templar”. As Assistant champion designer ZenonTheStoic, who is largely responsible for the new champion, said, it was however only the working title. Final, the champion will be published as “Lucian, The Purifier”.

Zenon further admitted that the team have no idea how the leak may happen could. Important to bear in mind was that the concept has again somewhat changed since the said drawing. At the time aroused expectations were no longer up-to-date.

But what does now offer Lucian? Ymir has already betrayed that he probably will be played as ADC (attack damage carry) and will have no CC (crowd control, mass control) skills in his repertoire.


How to Play  Olaf

OlafIn this League of legends guide we want closer look at OLAF. So I’ll show you in the next few paragraphs, what you all can do with an OLAF.

If you’re looking for a guide for a different champion, so take a look at our overview with many other LoL guides.


Essences: attack damage
Character: armor penetration
Seal: Armor
Glyphs: magic resistance

The attack damage facilitates you the farms and strengthens your Earlygame. The armor penetration increases your damage against enemy champions. armor helps you longer on the lane to remain as the most Toplaner cause physical damage. Magic resistance ensures that you will not simply killed in early group matches of the AoE of AP MidCarrys.

Summoner spells:

Spirit and ignite or exhausting

Olaf Summoner Spells

Ghost in the Laningphase Ganks to escape or to kill your opponent. Later used her mind to stay tuned in the battles on the focus objectives. Ignite or exhausting look her best, against what you need to play on the lane, and what your team already has of Summoner spells.


Olaf Masteries

At the Masteries, there are no surprises, but there are typical defensive Bruiser Championships aiming to withstand much and to damage at the same time.

Game Phases:

Early Game:

Farmt Toplane and harasst your opponent whenever you can with the E-spell. If your opponent has little life, so you can try to kill him. At level 6 you should escape well from Ganks, if you use Ulti and ghost. Pushed your lane with the Q-spell and tries some monsters to kill in the enemy jungle, this gets you a gold and experience advantage and take away the monsters the dreyse Jungler. But beware, this is not entirely risk-free.


Tried your items at least until the Atmas erfarmt to have so that it represents a serious threat. Goes into the fight with Ghost and Ulti to enemy carries los and take them out of the fight. Should be team unable to fight because the opponent team is just stronger, as you can with OLAF well Splitpushen, because you quickly can Creepwellen farms with the Q-spell and generally escapes the opponent with Ulti plus spirit, if you try to ganking.

Late Game:

OLAF is a strong Late game champion, at least if you have good gefarmed. You have to be nearly indestructible, high damage with the whole life, Atmas, and the W-spell is too. Thanks to the Ulti you are passing through simply by the enemy, without which they can do against you. Runs in the clash directly on the enemy RangeCarry to and destroyed him. But your Ulti care, as soon as it runs out you think less of a lot and again stunbar.


How to Play Malphite


Malphite can be found in the jungle and on the Toplane. In this guide we deal with it on the Toplane. What still distinguishes Malphite next to his ultimate and fully exploits its potential as you, that you will learn in the following guide.

You’re looking for a guide for an other champion? -No problem, just look collection in our LoL guides.


Essences: Life on level 1
Character: Magic penetration
Seal: Armor
Glyphs: magic resistance per level

The life makes you easier the laning and fits very well to your liabilities. Magic damage of all your skills, we have the magic penetration in the characters. This increases your damage and makes you dangerous. The armor in the seals, since your E-spell it scales and her valleys on the Toplane ´ will be playing mainly against AD. Magic resistance, because you are a tank and well have to put away hence magic damage.

Summoner spells:

Lightning and teleport

Of course as always defensive, you need Flash to deliver you out of tricky situations. But on Malphite you can use also often times good attacking him, to get started within easy reach for your Ulti. You have the teleport to other lanes to help out, or later “splitpushen”. How this exactly works, I will explain later.

Early Game:

On the lane simply attempts to farms. Usually your damage is not enough to harrassen your opponent, or even to kill. That it compensates for this, that you are very tough, so your opponent can not so easily kill you. Therefore, farmt simply your lane and trying to annoy your opponent a little bit. Should look past your jungle for a gank, so your abilities used simply to cause as much damage. Otherwise, the early at Malphite is rather unspectacular.


With the achievement of level 6 to become a real threat. Your ultimate allows now many kills. Thanks to your teleport you can pan for example in the Botlane, if needs this help. As a result, it creates a 3 against 2 situation and brings a good CC with your Ulti. Otherwise, you can watch how strong is your team. If you are superior to the opposing team, tried fighting force in order to expand your advantage. Thanks to your Ulti, you can force fights. You should always check that it caught the enemy carries with your Ulti. Throw up thanks to the team should have enough time to come and participate in the fight.

Late Game:

Your a real tank should be in the Late Game. Thanks to the armor scaling on your E-spell and the hell sceptre tells her off even good damage. As a result the opponents can’t ignore you. You should plunge you now primarily on the opponent’s AD carry, because you can edit it with your E-spell and the Randuin really nice. Because you have plenty of armor and reduces his attack speed, you might get hardly any damage. At the same time he can not run away from you, because you can stay permanently with the Q-spell on him. If the play not so good, and you rather want to avoid fights, so can your thanks to your teleport is still “splitpushen”. This means that while your team besieged a tower or defended, pushed her a different lane. As a result you will get either a tower for your team or the opponent will send someone to stop you. Portet you you to your team then fights 5-on-4.


How to Play Jax


JAX is a classic Bruiser, so a champion, which is very tough and much damage. His job is it later in the opponent team to jump in and then, while he tanks many opponents of manipulate even the opponent’s AD carry. Learn how he makes and what must do everything to her in our guide.

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Essences: attack damage
Character: armor penetration
Seal: Armor
Glyphs: magic resistance

The attack damage facilitates you the farms and strengthens your Earlygame. The armor penetration increases your damage against enemy champions. Armor helps you to stay longer on the lane, as the most Toplaner cause physical damage. Magic resistance makes sure that her in early groups fighting not just the AP ´ learning will be killed.

Summoner spells:

Flash and lighting

jax summoner spells

Flash for increased mobility. You can thus escape tricky situations, or breaking through the enemy carries. Ignite for the additional damage for you to win your lane to all cases. Should you be very sure this thing, you can take also teleport, to support the other lanes.


jax masteries

At the Championships, there are no surprises, but there are typical defensive Bruiser Championships aiming to withstand much and to damage at the same time.


In the early, puts your focus on the farms. JAX is not the best champion, usually to dominate his lane early and to fight the enemy, but trying to get, because JAX then later becomes stronger with the items and levels the money for your items together. Grade for the reason your JAX not against a strong Earlygame champion like Darius should pick. As a result you get not your farm then, accordingly no items and no items you can subsequently no longer align much. If you have on your lane then a hard time, grade because your opponent is stronger a lot, then ask your jungle for help. Since you have a stun with JAX, it in itself is a good way for Ganks.


If you can get your Ulti, you will notice that you will get a great Schadenboost at once. You should slowly reaching the moment from the items, where you can compete with the enemy Toplaner. Sometimes you surprise them then because you were all the time very passive and actually not could take him on it and can now suddenly spanking him. Otherwise, there is a good possibility to poken your opponent now. Used the enemy minions 2 strokes rendering and then jumps on the opponent and the 3rd runs blow that brings your Ulti damage. Now, you can immediately run yet another blow with your W-spell and pull you back. Otherwise, you can support your team very well when the dragon as you do much damage if you have stacked your passive once.

Late Game:

There are two ways for a JAX in the Late Game. Either you will have lots of fun and bring your enemies to despair, then you must jump only thing into battle in and edit the enemy carries. Starts here with the AD carry because you have an advantage with your E-spell this over. Because the opposing team you then fokussen must, has your team free rein and can do what it wants. Unfortunately, there is still another way and that is that your and your team back. This ye keep not enough, to immerse in the opponent team and does also not enough damage, to kill at least the AD carry, before you die. In such games, it is then difficult to align much with Jax. Here you can at most try to intervene later in the fighting or to try out a “Split push” strategy. To push, where grade not fought so just lanes. Whether this makes sense depends always of the situation, so you should discuss this with your team.